Episode 39 | Random Ways to Start Research

Indy Gupta
Published 07/06/2022
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This episode highlights five prominent computer scientists from academia and industry talking about how random chance had a major role to play in how they started research itself or chose their specific research area which brought them fame.

Tune in to get answers to a few of the questions asked: How did you get into research? How did you select your research area or topic? Was it a conscious choice? Or was it just… pure chance?


  • Rada Mihalcea, professor at the University of Michigan
  • Tal Rabin, professor at UPenn and Head of Research at the Algorand Foundation
  • Regina Barzilay, professor at MIT
  • Moshe Vardi, professor at Rice University and winner of Gödel Prize and Knuth Prize
  • Thamar Solorio, professor at the University Houston

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