Episode 32 | Ion Stoica Interview – Creator of Apache Spark

Indy Gupta
Published 04/13/2022
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ICS Ep 32 with Ion StoicaGuest: Ion Stoica, Professor of Computer and Science at the University of California, Berkeley, Director of RISELab at UC Berkeley. He is also an ACM Fellow, Mark Weiser Award winner, inventor of Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Ray, Tachyon, Chord, and founder of highly impactful companies Databricks, Anyscale, Conviva. Connect and learn more about Ion.

Ion, the famous professor who created Apache Spark, Ray, Chord DHT, and founder of Databricks, Anyscale, and Conviva. Episode 32 dives into a spectrum of topics, including what it was like to grow up in communist Romania, working in Romania in the 1990s, and the experience of immigrating to the United States.

By the end of this episode, you’ll be able to deal with impostor syndrome, manage the fear of being wrong, and complete your Ph.D. while raising a family.

Here are a few things we bet you didn’t know about Ion:

  • He trained as an artist – the drawing/painting kind.
  • He nearly became a physicist.
  • Databricks almost didn’t happen due to a failed offer with Hortonworks.
  • He first taught at Old Dominion University.

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