Norbert Fristacky

Award Recipient
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Norbert Fristacky (born November 8 1931, Puchov, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia) has been the prime mover in the process of creating a leading curriculum in computer engineering at the Slovak Technical University.  The research in digital devices in Slovakia started at Slovak Technical University in 1958 and the courses at the beginning of the 1960s. Professor Fristacky was the first researcher who began (in 1958) to investigate digital devices (based on magnetic logic gates) in Slovakia. This research was carried out in cooperation with Krizik Research Institute Prague, Karlin (Evzen Tomanek) and the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Prague (Jiri S. Haskovec). From this work stemmed his doctoral thesis (1963) and also his early publications. He initiated the course on logic circuits (1962) that was the very first specialized course in the field of analysis, synthesis, and systematic design of the digital devices in Slovakia and the first at the universities of technology in Czechoslovakia. His effort led the groundwork for the development of computer engineering capabilities in Slovakia.


1996 Computer Pioneer Award
“For pioneering digital devices.”
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