Mark Harman

Award Recipient
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Mark Harman is an engineering manager at Facebook London, where he manages the Sapienz team. Sapienz has been deployed to continuously test Facebook’s Android and iOS apps, leading to thousands of bugs being automatically found and in multimillion line communications and social media apps used by over a billion people worldwide every day. Mark is also a full professor at University College London. He is known for his scientific work on Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE), source code analysis, software testing, app store analysis and empirical software engineering. He co-founded the field SBSE, an active and impactful research area with authors spread over more than 40 countries. Automated Software Engineering research and practice is now the primary focus of his current work in both the industrial and scientific communities. In addition to Facebook itself, Mark’s scientific work is also supported by an ERC advanced fellowship grant and by the UK EPSRC funding council.


2019 Harlan D. Mills Award
“For fundamental contributions throughout software engineering, including seminal contributions in establishing search-based software engineering, reigniting research in slicing and testing, and founding genetic improvement.”
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