Angel Angelov

Award Recipient
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Angel Angelov helped develop the first automatic digital telephone system in the 1960s while studying at the Central Research Laboratory of Communications in Berlin. In 1968, he became director of the Central Institute of Computers and Technologies, the first and largest Bulgarian research institute at the time.

He also served as a Deputy General Director of the Izot Computing and Business Machines Company and general director of the Center for Rapid Implementation. The center’s goal was to quickly assimilate technical achievements to promote patent claims and new technologies. Angelov directed the architectural development and construction of the first Bulgarian computers. His work also led to the production of the first Bulgarian mass-storage devices and magnetic tapes.

Angelov served as vice president of the Coordination Board of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for scientific instrumentation, senior constructor of Bulgaria in the field of Industrial Robots and Manipulators, vice president of the National Coordination Council for Industrial Robots and Manipulators, president of the Super-Departmental Coordination Council for Complex Mechanization, chairman of Medicom Systems, and chairman of the Microprocessor Systems company, among others.

He also served the State Committee for Science and Technical Progress as vice president and first vice president. In this capacity, he was responsible for the new technologies in electronics, machinery, robotics, automation, and computing. Angelov was a founder of the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1978, and he was the first director of this institute.

Angelov is the author or coauthor of more than 200 scientific works, patents, textbooks, and scientific studies. He holds more than 50 foreign patents.


1996 Computer Pioneer Award
“For significant contributions to the development of computer science technologies and for the notable, successful organization and management of the computer, robotics, and electronics industries in Bulgaria.”
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