Technical Community on Semantic Computing
The Technical Community on Semantic Computing (TCSEM) addresses the derivation and matching of the semantics of computational content to that of naturally expressed user intentions in order to retrieve, manage, manipulate or even create content, where "content" may be anything including video, audio, text, software, hardware, network, process, etc. This connection between content and the user intentions is made via (1) Semantic Analysis, which analyzes content with the goal of converting it to machine processable descriptions (semantics); (2) Semantic Integration, which integrates content and semantics from multiple sources; (3) Semantic Applications, which utilize content and descriptions to solve problems; and (4) Semantic Interface, which interprets users' intentions expressed in natural language or other communicative forms. The reverse connection converts the intentions of users to create content via analysis and synthesis techniques. The ultimate success of Semantic Computing requires new, synergized technologies be developed from natural language processing, data and knowledge engineering, software engineering, computer systems and networks, communication, signal processing, pattern recognition, etc. Founded in 2010, the mission of TCSEM is to establish a community for Semantic Computing, exchange thoughts, promote related research and technologies, and establish standards. The community plans to establish working partnerships with other organizations (e.g., ACM, W3C, ACL) and other groups of the Computer Society connected to Semantic Computing. The people expected to be involved in the community are individuals from computer science (software and hardware engineering, AI, human-computer interaction, natural language processing, computational linguistics, communication, signal processing, networks, multimedia, etc.) as well as people from applications such as sociology, psychology & cognitive sciences, biology, medicine, etc. who are interested in Semantic Computing. This includes researchers, developers, practitioners, and students. Each group will share with others its unique experience.  
Chair: Daniela D'Auria
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
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