Technical Community on Software Engineering
The Technical Community on Software Engineering encourages the application of engineering methods and principles to the development of computer software and works to increase professional knowledge of techniques, tools, and empirical data to improve software quality. The TC cosponsors conferences, including the International Conference on Software Engineering, and several informal workshops every year. A TC sub-community develops proposals for IEEE software engineering standards.

TCSE is the volunteer community that serves as the voice for software engineering within the IEEE and the Computer Society.

Leadership: TCSE's Executive Committee includes leading minds in software engineering. See ExCom Members

Conferences: TCSE sponsors many of the top conferences in the field. See Conferences

Awards: TCSE awards recognize outstanding contributors to the field. Read More

Journals and Magazines: The community supports or sponsors publications that both advance research and aid practitioners in their jobs, from academia to industry. Click on a publication to see its currently featured article: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering | IEEE Software | Computer

Chair: Ladan Tahvildari, Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo

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