Technical Community on Data Engineering
The Technical Community on Data Engineering (TCDE) of the IEEE Computer Society is concerned with the role of data in the design, development, management and utilization of information systems. Issues of interest include data management systems and modern hardware/software platforms; data models, data Integration, semantics and data quality; spatial, temporal, graph, scientific, statistical and multimedia databases; data mining, data warehousing, and OLAP; big data, streams and clouds; information management, distribution, mobility, and the WWW; data security, privacy and trust; and performance, experiments, and analysis of data systems. The TCDE sponsors the International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE). It publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Data Engineering Bulletin. It is involved with other conferences, symposia, and workshops.  
Chair: Erich J. Neuhold University of Vienna Liebiggasse 4 A-1080 Vienna, Austria Email Visit the TCDE homepage here  
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